What is Prana?


Recently I completed my second tantric massage teacher training, this time here in Sydney with Top Sensual Massage. I got very much intrigued by their traditional approach to tantric massage and tantra yoga, and something there pulled me strongly. At first I was a bit sceptical on what new this training could offer, as I had already done the extensive teacher training in Thailand last year. Well, this post is a result of the ideas that I learned about Prana at Shakta.

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Is Tantra Massage Only For Pleasure?


The most common associations with the word tantra massage are either funky sex positions and endless love-making or funny exercises with breathwork, eye gazing and super-slow touch.

Many tantra teachers remember to mention that tantra is only about 5-10% sex and sexuality. But the focus tends to be on sexuality. Why? Maybe because it’s interesting to many and it sells.

According to Christopher Wallis, a Sanskrit scholar and a yogi, there are no references to sex or sexuality in traditional tantra – except for the Maithuna ritual, which is like a strictly orchestrated religious ceremony.

Some teachers say that there are sexual practices described in Kashmiri Shaivism teachings, but I have not yet gotten the chance to learn these. It is probable that they are kept secret like many esoteric teachings are, and only revealed to the initiated.

But can we find a link between traditional tantra and more body-sensual-sexual oriented neo-tantra?

The goal of tantra massage

The ultimate goal of tantra massage is to become aware of one’s own true nature, the True Self. All traditional tantric techniques help us to walk towards this goal. By practicing yoga asanas we can identify and let go of unnecessary tension and by reciting mantras we can purify the mind. We let go of whatever is not necessary.

In my recent article about tantric yoga I wrote about letting go:

Asana is about letting go. It’s about learning to relax,
learning to identify the tension in our bodies,
and choosing to let go of all that is not necessary – consciously.

If while doing these practices we believe we are somehow flawed or incomplete, this can actually hinder the natural expression of our true nature. That’s why traditional tantric yoga teaches that we are already Masters. Everything is here already.

The sensual exercises of neo-tantra

Only sensual or something deeper too?

If you have ever attended a contemporary tantra massage workshop, sometimes called neo-tantra, you are probably familiar with eye-gazing, circulating energy and conscious touch exercises. These may be nice and even liberating, but is there really a point there? What can you get from these exercises?

For many, sexuality is an area of life where there’s a lot of tension: guilt, shame, abuse… Any exercise that is touching this area is likely to bring up some issues in the form of emotions or memories.

Normally the tantra workshops do not involve sex as such. There are many exercises that revolve around our ability and skill to relate to others, both in a physical and a non-physical way.

If we can do exercises that touch us deeply in a safe and supportive environment, we can fully feel the emotions they trigger and then choose to let go. It’s like reprogramming the brain: this event caused contraction when it happened, but now I’m different and the situation is different, so I don’t have to react in the same way.

Letting go does not necessarily happen all at once. Some issues can be very deep-rooted and our psyche has protected us by hiding them from our conscious awareness. Many of the emotions do not last for a very long time if we allow ourselves to feel them fully and do not cling to them with our mind. Try this next time you feel jealous or angry: really feel it, dive into it, allow it to be there fully. And don’t get caught in the stories in your head.

An example of a simple exercise that can trigger various responses: you’re facing your practice partner some meters away. One of you is standing steady, and another is approaching. The one standing gives hand signals about when to take a step or when to stop, or even to back off a bit. How does it feel when the other person is approaching you? How does it feel when you are told to stop? What happens if you do not get to meet your partner? Do you feel abandoned, rejected?

Almost any exercise can bring up things when done consciously and mindfully, given enough time. Someone can remind us of our ex-partner, or our parents. Or an exercise can remind of us of some past event that we had long forgotten.

The importance of sharing

In many tantra workshops that I have attended, there’s a sharing – either with your practice partner or with everyone in the group. You simply share your experience out loud.

I always advise sharing from the place of I. What did I experience? How did this feel to me? And if people drift to stories, I gently ask them to come back to their own experience or bodily feeling.

It may feel awkward to become visible, to take space and to share publicly like that, but it is really good for the purpose of letting go. Once you can share what you have felt and experienced, often the issue will start to lose its grip on your being – especially if you can connect with the feeling behind it.

If the facilitator is skillful and attentive, they can help you get to the core of the issue with simple coaching questions or by helping you to become more aware of what’s going on in your body. It’s nothing to be afraid of, but trust here is essential. The workshop space should be safe and confidential.

Intention and consecration

Setting an intention is equally important. Why do you want to do what you do? Setting an intention is like programming your unconscious mind to see things from a different perspective. If your intention is enjoying sensuous touch, that’s great. Just become aware of the why. And it’s a great intention to let go of all that’s no longer serving you!

I like to do a consecration before any event or session I organize. Simply put, in the consecration I offer the fruits and merits of the oncoming actions to the higher good. It’s the same when I do healing. There’s no way I can know what the other person needs, so I give up even trying to figure that out, and I offer the healing session to the Absolute. Then whatever happens is good – of course given I keep my ego and agenda out of the way.

In this way, I think that neo-tantra can serve a greater purpose than just pleasure. It can help us to become whole and to realize more of our true nature. It’s an interesting and fun way to explore your Self, and it’s definitely an easy step to take – compared to a full-on dedicated spiritual practice.

I think that this kind of practice can take you further on the path, but you may find that to realize the Absolute something more is needed. I don’t know for sure yet!

How to De-stress Your Partner With An intimate Massage.

We have provide sensual massage for clients in London for many years, our massage therapists all have a strong feeling about the power of massage, but it seems be ignored by people ….Today , we invited Suki from London Sensual Massage Company to explain the power of massage and how to de-stress your partner with a massage.

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Asian Massage Only For Men?

About the Author, featured erotica masseuse Anna at Eros Massage.

Why do I do Asian massage only for Men? And why should you go to receive it from a woman rather than from a man? It may seem like quite a challenge to come to a woman who will touch you intimately. Some Men think that all women offering Asian massage have their own agenda and only a man will be genuinely caring. Others think that women can’t understand female sexuality and only a man will be able to relate to you. Others look for sexual healing and decide that a man is a safer option, if only a stage.

full body Asian massage...
full body Asian massage…

It is true that you can find many offers of “personal” Asian massage or simply ingenuine ones. By all means you should take care to make sure that the practitioner appears professional. However, although the majority of women unfortunately are indeed ingorant in this respect, not all women are, especially those genuine practitioners who have dedicated themselves to working with female sexuality. Men are not necessarily well informed either – in many instances there is a lot left to find out for an average man about her own sexuality.

I am constantly surprised by heterosexual female practitioners offering Asian massage to heterosexual Men. To me it appears to be a deep misunderstanding of sexuality bodyworks. There are many ways sexuality can be addressed – psychology, erotica workshops, counceling, educative media – where, indeed, a man helping a man makes sense in a “me too” way. An Asian erotic massage (which we offer at our massage parlour in London) , however, is not a lecture or a councelling session, it is direct experience through the body and out of the mind. It is not just about understanding and relating, it is about being able to give a client an actual experience of sexual energy expansion and guide it.

Both the giver and the receiver of an Asian massage are subject to universal sexual energy laws. Sexual energy will only flow along its natural sexual orientation lines, which leaves only 3 possible combinations: between gay women, between gay Men and between straight woman and man.

Erotic Massage wouldn’t work for you with a man

… you will not feel any real expansion of sexual energy when you are stimulated by a man. Your body is not a machine, it’s not just about touching mechanically in certain places. There has to be a natural flux and magnetism of male and female energies if you are heterosexual. You have to be receptive to loving male hands. Yes, it may be exactly the same massage but just the fact that it is a woman touching you will make your energy respond in a completely different, natural and powerful way, than if you are touched by a man.

In fact, getting an Asian massage from a man may turn out to be a disturbing experience. You may think that going to a woman for this kind of massage is unnatural and uncomfortable – but going to a man is even more unnatural for you. You may end up laying there wondering whether you should enjoy being touched sexually by a man or you shouldn’t, unless this is exactly what you want to explore. Not only it will cancel out any benefits of Asian tantric massage, it may also leave you in a state of confusion. This is not a man-to-man counselling, this is sexual energy journey. Feeling more relaxed with a man has nothing at all to do with sexual expansion or healing – what you need is your ability to be relaxed with a woman and being with a man is a completely unrelated experience, not even as a stage.

Needless to say, this only applies if you are straight. If you are gay you should go to a man by all means.

Asian massage also wouldn’t work for him with you

…the therapist (unless gay) is also not likely to feel much more during the massage than a mechanical going through the motions. You may be duped into believing that an Asian massage is about moving things from chakra to chakra asexually impartially and reiki-like. Or you may be told that your genitals need the equivalent of a back massage to relieve tension in the internal muscles.

A good erotic massage comes from the heart, it is physical bodywork driven by emotions of appreciation, admiration and love. Those exist naturally along sexual orientation lines but not against them. There has to be a natural magnetism between male and female energies in the heterosexual scenario. To put an aura of sexuality into the erotic Asian massage the therapist has to put a healthy portion of natural male-to-female desire into his hands, even if only in an abstract way. We are not talking about the actual desire towards you personally, but male hands will always touch a man’s body with certain sexual energy, just by definition, and the man’s body will respond differently too. A heterosexual man simply won’t have this and your sexual energy wouldn’t respond either.

All in all, there seems to be a suggestion that one can do the Asian massage with disregard for sexual orientation and treating sexual energy asexually. This seems like a normal holistic relaxation massage and a variety of other therapies, and just the fact that genitals are mechanically touched doesn’t turn it into a sensual experience.

It is understandable that Men might feel nervous about going to a woman for an erotic massage but you also want to consider whether what you want to receive is an actual Asian massage. For a heterosexual man the only option for an authentic Asian massage is going to a woman. It is just a case of choosing someone who seems trustworthy and genuine, you should indeed take good care in your choice and unfortunately genuine male practitioners are rare. Men are intuitive, if you call the therapist and have a chat you should get an idea.

Tips for Erotic Massage first-timer: What you should Do During a FBSM

*A full body sensual massage (FBSM) is when a client is nude, and the masseuse is nearly naked or fully naked. An FBSM uses hands-only that leads to a client’s release. This kind of service is deemed legal in UK.

Arrive On Time For Your Appointment

When you have an appointment, wherever that appointment is, that you arrive on time for it. And, even if the sensual massage is a personal appointment for you, it’s their business. Make sure to treat them with respect by arriving on time, and you’ll earn it back.

don't forget your appointment...
don’t forget your appointment

Many London masseuses who provide Sensual Massage services are accustomed to getting bad clients with the good ones. Make sure you show her that you’re a good client by being there at your appointment time or a few minutes before it. If traffic snarls you, make sure to call her and make her aware of what’s going on. Respect can go a long way in the massage treatment.

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My Erotic Massage Story One

It was late afternoon, when I came back from work. I was tired and really need some rest. I’m a middle aged man, without wife and kids, because my job is based on flying between cities and signing agreements, contracts and orders. I barely have time for myself!

That day I sealed deal with a big company – I had an opportunity to celebrate. The only obstacle was that it was the middle of the week, so all of my friends were spending their free time with families.

a romantic sensual massage in London
a romantic sensual massage in London

I decided to give myself a bit of pleasure… I remembered the advertisement that I saw that day in newspaper – it was about tantric, erotic massage in London.  I’d never tried it before, but I was too intrigued by the photos young and pretty masseuse to let go.  I called to her and after half an hour she was standing in front of me, wearing sexy underwear, stocking and heels.

I was surprised by her extraordinary beauty. She asked me to change. When I was ready, I came to my bedroom and I thought that my dreams just came true… The soft music was playing in the background, candles were all around, and she was inviting me to join her on the bed. My bedroom was changed to the most erotic place in London! That was the best evening in my life! It wasn’t just because the body to body massage was amazing- she also helped me to full fill my fantasies. I have never been so turned on! She was teasing me till I get the biggest pleasure in my life! Her smooth touch, silk skin and gently hands was something that I would never forget.

body to body massage in London
body to body massage treatment by beautiful women

The best thing of all is that Oriental Bliss’s masseuses are available for outcall in every London boroughs I’m visiting in the capital because of my job. So whenever I’m stressed, tired or just wanted to have some sensual, erotic massage I just arrange meeting with my goodness.


Mr. Mckay in London, UK

Who Will Benefit From A Great Massage: Everyone!

There are people walking around, right now, that are in serious need of relaxation in their busy lives.  One of those people might just be you!  Quite honestly, almost everyone could use a great massage from time to time, but there are a few categories that scream for relief and healing – right now!

The Broken Hearts Club:

broken heart club needs a tantric massage

There’s an old Neil Sedaka song “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”, well yea, it really is!  Being dumped is truly hard and thinking about it over and over in your head is not good for you.  Why not give yourself a break and treat yourself to a massage?  One, you will have someone to talk to and a massage will help relieve your anxiety and depression.  You will be amazed what a wonderful mood transformation will take place.  Consider a massage as a great renovation for your body and soul!

A tantric massage is the best for a broken heart.  Its soothing oils will lift your spirits while giving you a new lease on your love life!  You will embrace going out with friends and enjoying a perfect evening!


Training For A Marathon:

Marathon runner needs a massage

If you’re training for the next marathon, you body is probably a complete disaster.  Between taunt glutes and shin splints, how much more do you expect from your body?  Give yourself a break and get a really great sports massage! Your massage therapist is well qualified to work with sports nuts like you and will give you some great advise regarding care for your aching tendons!  A full body massage has your name on the list and your body is going to thank you, over and over.

A sport massage is the best choice for you.  It will help you recover from past injuries while preventing future ones.  Your energy will be boosted and so will your healing process.


Burning The Midnight Oils Student:

student needs a massage

If you are studying for finals, you know how super high your stress level is.  Sitting in a chair for hours on end is not good for your brain or your body.  A really great massage will alleviate the knots that have built up in your shoulders and neck and give your brain a rest! By releasing tension, headaches will evaporate and will allow you to study more proficiently.

Your best option is an Energizing Relaxing massage.  Enjoy the soothing aroma of peppermint oil to wash away your anxiety and stress.  You will become refreshed, alert and walk away with a clear, intelligent brain. Once your brain is back in gear, you will be able to focus during normal hours and not sit up all night!


The Over Stressed Commuter Express:

busy business men needs body to body massage

No one enjoys commuting 5 days a week, back and forth.  You race to catch that train into the city, you setup your laptop and believe you are actually accomplishing something!  Between the bumps and curves, the guy sitting next to you who just talks on and on;  you’re actually getting very little done!  A really excellent massage will actually make you more productive than you could possibly know.  Studies have shown that taking 60 minutes out of your busy life, for a sensual relaxing massage, will increase your alertness and productivity.

Find a happy ending massage parlour at London or enjoy Erotic massage right in your hotel!  Now I know you know that’s going to be a great deal more beneficial than 10 Starbucks and another late night crunching numbers.


For The New Mother:

new mother needs a massage

Having a new baby in the family is a wonderful experience but it’s also a great deal of wear and tear on Mom!  Between little to no sleep to aches and pains is there any relief somewhere around the corner? Once your brain has connected the dots that, yes, you are now a mother – you’re ready to freak out!  It might seem completely impossible to get a massage, but it can be done!  You need relief for lower back pain and allowed to get much needed sleep!  Get Dad or a relative to take care of little junior and go get the pampering you so rightly deserve.

You need a Calming Massage to rid of tight, tired muscles while alleviating built up stress.  You will focus better, sleep better and back in balance with the universe!

FBSM is a mobile massage service in London aim to meet everyone’s daily needs: from a simple relaxing massage to a very erotic Adult massage, just contact us , tell us what you need and we will arrange a perfect massage for you.

Sensual Secrets Of Tantra For Men And Women

The best erotic massage offers city of London. This city is famous for its craftsmen in this case. Erotic massage service now very popular among the patriots, and among english meerkats blockheads, ie taxpayer citizens. Politicians, coming to the London city, too, love gives the delight prostitutes, imagining hysterically screaming oppressed hyenas. It is a pity that the building manager of the Tantra Federation itself is rarely a loved one in such a sophisticated role.

What you need to know about erotic massage



Erotic massage is a prelude, it is made not only to relax but also to initiate sexual partner. Of course, some types of intimate massage available only to professional massage lovers and practiced in specialized stores, but its main techniques are fairly simple and can be performed at home. To learn how to do erotic massage, it is necessary, as in sex, to be able to listen to the wishes of the partner and understand his body language.

How to do tantric massage: expert opinion

Conducting a session of tantric massage requires special circumstances, it is desirable that everyone in the room at its disposal to relax: light the scented candles, turn on music for relaxation.

Start massage better after a bath has been accepted, but have to hold it on a hard surface. If a sofa or bed is too soft, then spread a sheet on the carpet.

What is needed for sensual massage?

For intimate massage you need massage oil, massage gel, liquid or solid that melts when heated to warm it between the palms. The sensual massage main importance is not so much techniques as sensual sensations and smells. It can be anything – stimulating, relaxing or soothing, but not hurried.


Like any other, intimate massage should begin with light strokes along the back and sides of the partner, they will help relax the muscles of the body and will warm them. The body is massaged using conventional massage techniques: pinching, pressing, trapping skin folds, tapping edge of his hand and circular movements.

a body to body erotic massage is performed by a beautiful woman
a body to body erotic massage is performed by a beautiful woman

The strength and intensity of their needs change. Do not forget that massage includes not only back, neck, shoulders, lower back and buttocks, but also other private parts. They can be massaged lightly, not only the hands and fingertips, but also the language.

Putting your partner on your stomach, start with the massage of the neck, gradually going down. Remember, buttocks and coccyx many men are erogenous zones, focus on them. Do not forget the legs and feet. Turn your favorite on his back and continued to massage from the neck down. Mash and warm the body up to the stop. Excluding the genital area, go back to them at the final stage. It acts very gently and carefully, so as not to cause pain that will spoil all the fun of the procedure.

Erotic massage requires full trust between partners, which is why he is able to not only bring pleasure to both of them, but also refresh the senses and strengthen them.

Have you heard of nuru massage? Learn more about another type of erotic massage: The step to step Nuru massage at NuruGuru.


Erotic Massage Offers By FBSM

FBSM (full body sensual massage) Massage London service has an impact not only on the physical but also on psycho-emotional health. It’s not only the technique of manipulation, which helps to relax, but also a major source of health and sexual activity. Erotic FBSM Massage salon in London is a composition capable and intelligent movement of our girls for the full emancipation of the client and bringing him to ecstasy. We are delighted to have you as the Pioneers of Tantra.

You will forget about the bad mood and depression, which are the result of the daily routine, and petty squabbling. Carrying the art of sensual Massage in London depends not only on the professionalism of the girls, but also on their ability to be gentle and graceful. As is well known, minor problems and troubles adversely affect human health.

Erotic Pleasure Await The Tantra Pioneers!

In FBSM Massage salon in London UK you will meet the real pros. We never use drugs. Our salon offers a variety of interesting programs, among which are a relaxing sensual Thai massage and full body tantra.

We have something to surprise our erotic massage customers. For each client we have an individual approach. Visit us on your own or with company – in any case, we will be happy to see you. Our masseuses are different youth and beauty. Each of them is individual and unique. Our girls put their private photos on the site in order to help you choose a suitable candidate. All of them are slim, young and attractive, so our cabin is popular in London. And most importantly, our tantric masseuses will never have sex with their clients. Our masseuses can not be persuaded to have tantric sex. Good massage salons value their reputation, so for having tantra sex with a client may simply kill.

Sensual Relaxation For London Gentlemen

Erotic Massage service will always be popular among men and women who are in need of complete relaxation. This procedure is not free. Cheap sensual massage will not give you the pleasure you are looking for.

That is enough for our happiness, is often not enough for our pleasure. We opened the SPA salon «FBSM Massage», to say to our men: in a place where your secret tantric massage fantasies become a beautiful reality. Each of you probably dreamed at least once in your life to feel all-powerful ruler, which gently, skillfully and subtly seductive caress the lovely hands of women. Here you will be able to completely fulfill their dreams. At your service – all sensual pleasures, all kinds of clean and healthy tantra. And all this in luxurious interiors, accompanied by languid and voluptuous music.

Dear men, join us!

We will tell you and show you what is gradually forgotten in the course of routine life. An unforgettable sensual experience you will return cheerfulness and love for life!

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