Massage Services

Our Massage Services

Our FBSM Massage Center is located in London, and the goal is to give our guests the most sophisticated erotic massage services. Using Tantric realms and ancient orient practices, we offer an array of massages including:

  • Body-to-body massage – 120/hour (Visiting central London’s hotel)
  • Prostate massage – 160/hour (Visiting central London’s hotel)
  • Tantric massage – 130/hour (Visiting central London’s hotel)
  • Nuru massge – 160/hour (Visiting central London’s hotel)
  • More* Special sessions – 180/hour (Visiting central London’s hotel)
  • Four handed massage – Double the rate

Whatever you decide is bound to be extremely enjoyable for you

Male Sensual Tantric Massage

For male guests, there’s the sensual tantric massage just for men that will send them to a whole new height of passion. It puts attention on strokes that produce certain sensations so that the receiver reaches total ecstasy.

Using the principles of actual Tantra tradition, this kind of massage will provide you with security and comfort by waking up the eroticism within.  The whole body will experience the masseuse’s tender and intense strokes.

With this kind of massage, you’re more receptive to the emotional states your body is in. This will allow you to channel the awakened erotic energy and enhance your virility. When it’s over, your body is going to feel energized and relaxed.

When you explore this kind of massage, your private erotic life will become a celebration of love that will lasts for hours and offer your body and soul immense pleasure it’s never experienced before.

Body-to-Body Massage

This massage is bound to take you to heights you’ve never been to before. And, that’s because our masseuses are extremely professional and knowledgeable. They work hard to make sure you have an unforgettable experience.

The body often aches to be touched, and our ladies, make sure that your body gets the touch it so desires. They use their fingers, feet, buttocks and breasts to touch your body. It all leads to new sensations your body hasn’t felt before.

Double Delight Massage

This erotic body massage involves two masseuse simultaneously, with it involving a dance of contentment and love. It’s sure to increase how much pleasure you experience.  The goal of the double delight massage is to wrap your body up in every direction over and over. It’s the next step in the erotic arousal experience.

FBSM VIP Massage

Do you feel like you deserve the king treatment? We’re offering the FBSM VIP Massage for people who want to be treated like royalty. All you have to do is set aside three hours of your time and allow us to give you an amazing experience.  We make sure our goddesses will keep you on the throne.

What can you expect? Up to three women will slowly pamper you with affection, using their body’s slow-synchronized dances on your body. Each one offers their own magic that you will experience, sending you into a paradise of delicately soft touches.

Your senses will awaken thanks to the deep, intense sensations the massage offers. There are an array of surprises you have to check out for yourself. We’re not giving anything away.


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