My Erotic Massage Story One

It was late afternoon, when I came back from work. I was tired and really need some rest. I’m a middle aged man, without wife and kids, because my job is based on flying between cities and signing agreements, contracts and orders. I barely have time for myself!

That day I sealed deal with a big company – I had an opportunity to celebrate. The only obstacle was that it was the middle of the week, so all of my friends were spending their free time with families.

a romantic sensual massage in London
a romantic sensual massage in London

I decided to give myself a bit of pleasure… I remembered the advertisement that I saw that day in newspaper – it was about tantric, erotic massage in London.  I’d never tried it before, but I was too intrigued by the photos young and pretty masseuse to let go.  I called to her and after half an hour she was standing in front of me, wearing sexy underwear, stocking and heels.

I was surprised by her extraordinary beauty. She asked me to change. When I was ready, I came to my bedroom and I thought that my dreams just came true… The soft music was playing in the background, candles were all around, and she was inviting me to join her on the bed. My bedroom was changed to the most erotic place in London! That was the best evening in my life! It wasn’t just because the body to body massage was amazing- she also helped me to full fill my fantasies. I have never been so turned on! She was teasing me till I get the biggest pleasure in my life! Her smooth touch, silk skin and gently hands was something that I would never forget.

body to body massage in London
body to body massage treatment by beautiful women

The best thing of all is that Oriental Bliss’s masseuses are available for outcall in every London boroughs I’m visiting in the capital because of my job. So whenever I’m stressed, tired or just wanted to have some sensual, erotic massage I just arrange meeting with my goodness.


Mr. Mckay in London, UK

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