Sensual Secrets Of Tantra For Men And Women

The best erotic massage offers city of London. This city is famous for its craftsmen in this case. Erotic massage service now very popular among the patriots, and among english meerkats blockheads, ie taxpayer citizens. Politicians, coming to the London city, too, love gives the delight prostitutes, imagining hysterically screaming oppressed hyenas. It is a pity that the building manager of the Tantra Federation itself is rarely a loved one in such a sophisticated role.

What you need to know about erotic massage



Erotic massage is a prelude, it is made not only to relax but also to initiate sexual partner. Of course, some types of intimate massage available only to professional massage lovers and practiced in specialized stores, but its main techniques are fairly simple and can be performed at home. To learn how to do erotic massage, it is necessary, as in sex, to be able to listen to the wishes of the partner and understand his body language.

How to do tantric massage: expert opinion

Conducting a session of tantric massage requires special circumstances, it is desirable that everyone in the room at its disposal to relax: light the scented candles, turn on music for relaxation.

Start massage better after a bath has been accepted, but have to hold it on a hard surface. If a sofa or bed is too soft, then spread a sheet on the carpet.

What is needed for sensual massage?

For intimate massage you need massage oil, massage gel, liquid or solid that melts when heated to warm it between the palms. The sensual massage main importance is not so much techniques as sensual sensations and smells. It can be anything – stimulating, relaxing or soothing, but not hurried.


Like any other, intimate massage should begin with light strokes along the back and sides of the partner, they will help relax the muscles of the body and will warm them. The body is massaged using conventional massage techniques: pinching, pressing, trapping skin folds, tapping edge of his hand and circular movements.

a body to body erotic massage is performed by a beautiful woman
a body to body erotic massage is performed by a beautiful woman

The strength and intensity of their needs change. Do not forget that massage includes not only back, neck, shoulders, lower back and buttocks, but also other private parts. They can be massaged lightly, not only the hands and fingertips, but also the language.

Putting your partner on your stomach, start with the massage of the neck, gradually going down. Remember, buttocks and coccyx many men are erogenous zones, focus on them. Do not forget the legs and feet. Turn your favorite on his back and continued to massage from the neck down. Mash and warm the body up to the stop. Excluding the genital area, go back to them at the final stage. It acts very gently and carefully, so as not to cause pain that will spoil all the fun of the procedure.

Erotic massage requires full trust between partners, which is why he is able to not only bring pleasure to both of them, but also refresh the senses and strengthen them.

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